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"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."(M.L. King)

The author of: SURFR Trading Systems, {VX, ZW3D} QuickMilling, VX Post (old), VX QuickCopy, TechnoPack (TechnoCAD, TechnoCAM, GNCPP), FinancialTools.

Some information about me

A long story about my life is here.


You can download my professional curriculum vitae as a DOC or PDF file.

Some of my work

My PhD thesis can be found here.

Some old stuff related to my struggle to learn generic C++ and computational geometry:

Some C++ introductory presentations:

Market Forecasting and Simulations:

Disclaimer: Sorry for my random and poor scientific format and content but I didn't intend to publish so read at your own risk.

Photography Albums

Walter Schmidt Online Handicap Go Tournament (in Romanian)

Some interesting links

If you are interested in programming in C++ surf on:, my contributions to C++ community are to small too be enumerated here.

If you like computer graphics you may find: VTK, Open Scene Graph, povray, Hugues Hoppe web site interesting.

If you consider is that time in your life when you should start to play Go some good links can be: American Go Association, British Go Association


In any regards you can contact me at: or by phone at: (321) 409-0295.My Public PGP Key.